Portal & Licensing


similar to the user manual’s server section.

License Type

TypeWork Email Verification RequiredEmail Example
RetailNo[email protected]
BusinessYes[email protected]
Government ContractorsYesjohn.doe.ctr@usmc.mil
Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)Yes[email protected]
[email protected]
Free licenses for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)

Obtain License

Add License(s)

  1. Go to the “Software Portal -> Sign-Up/Sign In”. (https://portal.cyberintelsystems.com)
  2. Click on the “Software Portal” -> “CICB” -> “License” -> “Add License” button (only for the full-release version).

Enter a value of “License Qty.” as needed.

[Optional] Enter the “Coupon Code” if applicable.

  • If there are any coupons available at moment, they should be listed under the “Software Portal” -> “CICB” -> “Coupon”.
  • All NPO customers can request a coupon by themselves under the “Software Portal” -> “CICB” -> “Coupon” -> “NPO”, then click on the “Request” button, and a coupon will generate immediately.
    1. Only validated NPO accounts can request an NPO coupon.
    2. NPO account validation must be completed annually before the coupon request.
    3. Each NPO account can only request one coupon per day.
    4. The coupon must redeem within the same day when it is generated.
    5. The total number of clients per coupon should be less or equal to 100.
    6. If the number of clients is greater than 100, please contact our technical support to request a special coupon.
  • Select the “Subscription Plan” as you needed. (Trial license limit to 1 per customer)
  • Checkout and back to the license page.

Download Software

. Go to “Software Portal” -> “CICB” -> “Product/Software” and click on the “Download” button to download the server that is next to the operating system you need.
Notice: Please change your browser settings to allow a pop-up window for downloading the software.

Activate License(s)

1. Install the server on a PC or VM.

2. Launch the server, then go to the “Server” -> “About” tab -> click on the “Copy” button right next to the “Server ID”.

3. Go back to “Software Portal” and paste the “Server ID” into the “Software Portal” -> “CICB” -> “License” -> “Server ID” text box right next to the target license. Click on the “Bind Server ID” button to bind the “Server ID” with any currently available license.

4. Select all available licenses as needed (all licenses must contain the same server ID), then click on the “Download License” button to download the license file. (e.g. IT admin can select all licenses to combine up to the total number of licenses you need.)

5. Go to the “Server” -> “About” tab, click on the “Activate License” button, then select the “<server-id>.license” file to activate the server.

6. Restart the Server.

The “Software Portal” -> “Coupon” -> “NPO” coupon only applies to the CUSTOM Subscription Plan.

Add License(s) and Activate License(s) with Offline Mode/Off-Grid Mode/SCIF Mode

1. From an Offline Mode/Off-Grid Mode/SCIF Mode computer/VM, go to the “Server” -> “About” tab -> click on the “Save” button right next to the “Server ID” and save the “server-id.txt” file under the “OS -> Current Sign-In User -> Download” folder.

2. Open the “server-id.txt” file with a text editor, and copy down the full server ID.

3. Follow the “User Manual” -> “Obtain License” -> “Add License(s)” section steps 1 – 3 with another computer that has internet access.

4. Follow the “User Manual” -> “Obtain License” -> “Activate License(s)” section steps 1 – 4 with another computer that has internet access.

5. Save the “<server-id>.license” file to a USB drive, then plug it back into your off-grid or SCIF computer/VM.

6. Follow the “User Manual” -> “Obtain License” -> “Online Mode” section steps 8–9.


This step needs permission from your facility security officer (FSO).