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(Standalone License)
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CICB – 101 Server & 10 ClientsSign Up *
CICB – 151 Server & 15 ClientsSign Up *
CICB – 301 Server & 30 ClientsSign Up *
CICB – 501 Server & 50 ClientsSign Up *
CICB – 50+1 Server & 50+ ClientsGet in touch with us
#: CUSTOM (Standalone License): This license is designed for Air gap/SCIF customers who need to install both Server and client on the same OS, then leave the default (CCM > IP) setting & (Server IP) setting as is. (See the Download page > Installation Demo Video page for more details) If you need more than one standalone license, you can buy one license at a time separately.
*: Please sign up with our Portal, then go to Portal > CICB > License > Add License for pricing.
Notice: If you cannot find the package you want or would like to customize the package for your needs, please contact us.


Promotion: All new customers will automatically get the highest PRO – P4 plan WITHOUT ANY EXTRA COST!

Support Offline Patching
Support Offline License Activation
Support Standalone Mode
Support Single Computer Screen
Support Web Portal Licensing Management # ###
Support Border Adjustable
Support to Windows 7 ~ 11
Support of Linux + GNOME $$$$
Support Banner Background Adjustable
Support Desktop or VM
Support VDI
Support RDS
Support AVD
Support Text Color Adjustable
Support Computer Information Adjustable
Support Multiple Classifications with Dynamic Changes
Support Alarm System
Support Auto Upgrade
Support Software Portal Management ++++
Support High Display Scaling (100% ~ 400%)
Support Text Size Adjustable
Support Banner Height Adjustable
Support Separate Screen Display Mode
Support Off-Grid (SCIF Mode) Settings
Support Off-Grid (SCIF Mode) Licensing Management
Support dynamic change
(Based on the currently signed user security group
Support 3rd party software group change via API
Support total PC monitors (screens) per operating system 36912
Current Promotion: All new customers will automatically get the PRO – P4 plan WITHOUT ANY EXTRA COST!

: fully supported | #: web portal only | ✓+: require a valid Portal account | ✓*: Under Development | ✓$: Under Internal Testing
Notice: We are currently NOT enforcing the feature lock. This means all plans P1, P2, P3, and P4 are the same, only the number of clients matters.
Limits: A dedicated rate of 118 MB/s with a 92% efficiency of 1GbE NIC estimate supports up to 472,000 clients (a special license may be needed upon request).

FREE License for NPO Customers