!!! WARNING !!!
To avoid any confusion such as how to add a license or how to install our software, we highly suggest you watch our demo video below before you take any action.

Notice: Once the license is bound with a server ID, our licensing system will consider it as the license used, no matter if you just use it for testing or not, we cannot reverse the action. That is the reason why we have a dedicated trial license for testing purposes. Therefore, make sure you bind the production license to the production server ID only.


Notice: This demo shows how to obtain a valid license, and then install both Client/Server on the same computer vs. installed client only.


  1. Create a portal account (make sure you use a real email, otherwise, your account & license(s) will be suspended, Make sure you allow list our email: [email protected])
  2. Download CICBv2 [ Client-Win | Client-Linux (internal testing) ]
  3. Extract all files from to a folder, then run Client.exe.
  4. Open CCM.exe (under the Client installation path) then save the following settings:
    • API Key: CISYS
    • Server IP:
    • Port: 56789
    • Group Name: (use the bold text as the setting value, CASE SENSITIVE, choose one Group Name at a time ONLY)
      1. Cyber Intel Systems: *Default
      2. Unclassified: unclassified
      3. Confidential: confidential
      4. Secret: secret
      5. Top Secret: topsecret
      6. TS//SCI: topsecret-sci
      7. Classified: classified
      8. Controlled Unclassified Information: cui
  5. Click on the “Save” button, and wait a few seconds, the new settings should be applied to the Client automatically.
    NOTICE: If the new settings do not apply to the Client correctly, then re-launch Client.exe manually.

CICB Demo Server settings are as follows:

Server -> Setting -> Group -> ScreenScreen 1Screen 2
Banner Size25px30px
Border Size3px0px
Text Size17pt20pt
Show Computer NameTrueFalse
Show UsernameTrueFalse
Show IP AddressTrueFalse
Show OS InfoTrueFalse
Show Device IDTrueFalse
Show GroupTrueFalse
For all service status please check here.

OFFLINE MODE/SCIF MODE TRIAL (Portal, License, Server, and Client)

  1. Create a portal account (make sure you use a real email, otherwise, your account & license(s) will be suspended, make sure you white list i[email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected])
  2. Download CICBv2 [ Windows Client & Server | Linux Client & Server (internal testing) ]
    Extract all files from to a folder, then execute the CICBv2-Installer.bat with menu enter [31] and [32] to install the server and client.
    Notice: If you encounter any errors with the installer, you can simply ignore it, and then extract all files from either or directly.
  3. Add License & Activate License (follow this instruction to obtain your trial license)