Client Config Manager

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Client Config Manager (CCM): This is a GUI/CLI tool to change a client’s security group and deployment.

The Client Config Manager (CCM) is a stand-alone application that allows the IT administrator to update a security group (or LDAP group) for the currently signed-in user. The CCM Command Line Interface (CLI) mode allows the IT administrator to deploy client (C) and banner (B) in a batch. The CCM also supports a Command Line Interface (CLI) with parameters to perform security change automation.

Example use case: Let’s say there is a company A that needs a banner to change color or text according to the project or user profile’s security group. If company A already has its own user profile switch script, such as PowerShell, that is deployed via an IT management tool. To achieve this goal, the IT administrator can simply make a CLI call via their existing script. (e.g. C:\cicb\client\ccm.exe -g “<group name>” -k “<server key>” or C:\cicb\client\ccm.exe -name “<group name>” -key “<server key>”) The new user profile will be loaded next login.)

where the new security group name is SG-2 and the server API key is 1234.