Cyber Intel Classification Banner
Client (C): Connect and report the client information to the server (server.exe).

The client.exe is an instance that communicates with the agent.exe via a socket IPv4/port and a wired or wireless network. It controls each banner color and text separately. (e.g. workstation A has 4 monitors with 4 banners, and each banner could be different color/text)

IPv4 Reporting

The client.exe will report the current operating system’s IPv4 address back to agent.exe periodically (once every 10 seconds). To avoid wrong or duplicate IPv4 readings (e.g. virtual NIC or multi-NIC installed), the CICB requires the IT admin to add the “cicb” or “CICB” keyword to the NIC name via GPO or other methods (e.g. change the NIC name from “Realtek Ethernet 1GbE” to “CICB Realtek Ethernet 1GbE” or “Realtek Ethernet 1GbE CICB”). The client.exe will filter out all NIC names containing “v-”, “VMw”, “vEth”, and “virtual” automatically (e.g. v-Network, VMware, vEthernet, virtual network).