!!! IMPORTANT !!!CICB is very efficient at communicating between clients and servers, and network bandwidth usage is below 128 bytes per second. NOTICEThe number of screens will not affect the network performance. NOTICEThe Client does not send any file(s)/content from the workstation to the Server. We restricted all information emitted …


End-User License Agreement (EULA) SOFTWARE PRODUCT: Cyber Intel Classification Banner (CICB) PUBLISHER: ARKSOFT INC  DBA: CYBER INTEL SYSTEMS Updated: 2023-10-06  Version: 1.03 IMPORTANT READ THOROUGHLYThis End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity) and CYBER INTEL SYSTEMS (CIS) for the CIS product identified …

Network Topology

With the CICB-Client/CICB-Server or C/S structures, IT admins have many ways to achieve many scenarios.

The setup shown below is just an example use case that customers can follow or design their own use case that fits their needs. A firewall configuration may be needed.

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CCICB-Client (C): Connect and report the client information to the Server (server.exe) and Banner (banner.exe).
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CICB-Server (S): A central service communicating with the Client (client.exe).

Green Color: Public Network/Commercial Network
Blue Color: Standalone/Unsecured Network/NIPR
Red Color: Private Network/Offline/SCIF/SIPR/Intranet

As you can see from the above network topology setup. There are eight regions in total with the following specifications and licenses:

Domain Server Qty.11/1//1/
Domain Workstation Qty.5534/2//
Standalone Workstation Qty. (include VMs)///12///
Qty. of CICB-Server Need11@^ 11/@^ 1//
CICB-Client License Need5534/2//
CICB Standalone License Need///? 1? 2//2
* Total CICBv2 Licenses Need553522& 02
*: Total CICBv2 Licenses Need = Qty. of CICB-Server Need x CICB-Client License Need + Standalone License Need
@: You can have a region using another region’s licenses via an intranet or internet connection.
e.g. Region#4 clients connect to Region#5-Server2. (You may need to increase the total license capacity for clients connected to Region#5-Server2)
^: The client cannot work alone. Therefore, a server is required.
&: All licenses are based on the total number of clients, not the server. However, without clients, the server will be meaningless.
?: A standalone license includes 1 Server and 1 Client. (AKA. Self-Served Setup)