OS Resource Usage

InstanceLocationRequired # of InstanceMemory UsageMinimal
Total Memory Usage
Total Memory Usage
Server.exeServer Machine148.2MB ~ 55.6MB48.2MB55.6MB
Client.exeWorkstation/VM117.2MB ~ 24.8MB17.2MB24.8MB
Banner.exeWorkstation/VM1 ~ 120.8MB ~ 2.86MB0.8MB x 1 0.8MB
0.8MB x 12 9.6MB
2.86MB x 1| 2.86MB
2.86MB x 12 34.32MB
CCM.exeWorkstation/VM015.2MB ~ 17.5MB0MB17MB
CICB – Standalone with 1 Monitor66.2MB83.26MB
CICB – Standalone with 12 Monitors75.0MB114.72MB
All memory usage is estimated based on how many features users are used. A workstation may only enable the banner, which has much less memory cost compared to other workstations that also enable other features.

Most of the memory cost comes from the software UI rendering. Once the software is confined and running as a service without an open UI. Then, it reduced total memory usage to as low as 5MB per workstation, and 30MB per server.