AbbreviationAs Known AsDescription
CICBBanner / Classification BannerCyber Intel Classification Banner
ClientClient.exe / CICB – Client / C / Client Services
ServerServer.exe / CICB – Server / S / Service Agent
PortalSoftware Portal / portal.cyberintelsystems.com
CCMCCM.exe / Client Config Manager
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
AD/DSActive Directory / Directory Service
OGMOff-Grid Mode / SCIF Mode / Offline Mode
SCIFSensitive Compartment Information Facility
CLICommand Line Interface
BannerClient Banner / CB / B
FQDNFull Qualify Domain Name
OSOperation SystemsWindows/Linux
NPONon-Profitable Organization
USGUnited States Government
LEALaw Enforcement Agency
EDUEducational Institution
STIGSecurity Technical Implementation Guides
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
DISADefense Information Systems Agency
SCAPSecurity Content Automation Protocol
DoDDepartment of Defense/Pentagon
ODNIOffice of the Director of National Intelligence
CUIControlled Unclassified Information
SCISensitive Compartment Information
FSOFacility Security Officer
ISOInformation Security Officer
CSOCybersecurity Officer
Air GapAir Gap (networking)