Team Bidding System

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Team Bidding System (TBS) is collaboration software for team-project organizations. TBS has helped project teams, departments, and organizations across the internet improve the way they share information and communicate.
TBS aims to provide any organizer a web-based tool that facilitates assigning available projects to teams of participants of the event. Organizers will be able to choose from multiple teams forming schemes, which value differently the bidding resources used by each team.
The first scheme is a time-based scheme where verified users register to form teams and choose their preferred projects, which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The second scheme is interest-based, which emphasizes participants’ project preference rankings, personal interests, and matching skills required for each project. There is also a plan to add a third scheme, which will provide a fully automated team forming where a participant will be assigned to a team and project automatically, but our current objective is to implement the first and second schemes. In addition to forming a team and assigning a project, the system will also give available meeting time slots for each team to pick. A time slot can be given to a team on a first comes, first-served basis, or it can be assigned automatically based on the commonly available times among team members and a project mentor.