NPO Customers

Our software is free for all international non-profit organization (NPO) customers (not for individuals or business entities in regions prohibited by US laws; refer to US DOT Sanctions).
If you would like to apply for a free license, please register an account with our software portal and create a [Military/Gov/NPO] type support ticket. Once approved, we will add a free license to your software portal account.

Example Customers

  1. All U.S. Educational Institutions (IT Admin Staff Only)
    Washington State University, University of Washington, etc.
  2. All Non-Profit Religions (IRS 501.c)
    Just Christ Church, etc.
  3. Special Approved by Cyber Intel Systems
    Individuals, businesses, organizations, etc.


  • The NPO license is not for individual use and is not transferable or applicable to any profitable businesses, defense contractors, or government contractors.
  • All military, government, and nonprofit organization licenses are granted based on need.